Our Services

America’s Special Kidz, A.S.K., in partnership with the medical, educational and professional business community, will offer the following services:

  • Child Advocacy—We can meet with you to consult on your child’s individual education plan and preventative medical care. We can also help you write a plan to fight for your child’s rights for a wide array of reasons; however, we offer non-legal representation at this time.
  • Mentoring—We train local children and college students on skills for working with children with a wide range of disabilities. Additionally, we rally these young people to help raise funds to help their peers with special needs and serious medical conditions.
  • Research—We continually research the latest medical advancements, educational and therapeutic tools, parent support groups, and whatever you may have questions about. If we don’t know the answer, we will connect you with another professional that does.
  • Online & Printed ResourcesA.S.K has a bi-monthly online and printed magazine that features relevant information for virtually all special needs children. This publication offers donation and sponsorship opportunities so that we can help children and their families.
  • Fundraising OpportunitiesA.S.K. representatives are available to help you design and implement a wide range of creative fundraisers. Let us know how we can help you.
  • Children Workshops—Over the past several years we have learned while children learn from their parents, care takers and teachers, they learn even more from one another. We will offer fun workshops to help children assimilate and bond with their peers. We will also offer fun classes to help your child and his or her siblings bond.
  • Family Support—We can help you and your family link to a wide range of businesses and services. Do not hesitate to let us know your specific need.
  • Financial Support—We strive to help families pay their high out-of-pocket medical expenses associated with the care of their special needs child. Do not hesitate to let us know your specific need, including assistive technology.
  • Connections to Businesses—There are a number of local and national companies that have a heart for children with special needs. These organizations have committed to support A.S.K. and our mission. We encourage you to support their efforts.
  • Speaking Engagements/Training for Parents, Educators and the Medical Community—Joanne Howard is available to speak to educators, religious organizations, parents and hospital/medical professionals as well as the patrons they serve regarding the latest advancements and how we can help special needs children and their families.