Stories of Hope

We welcome parents, siblings, and family members to tell us heartwarming stories about how their special needs child has enriched their lives and/or taught them a valuable lesson. If you like, simply share your experience of how your child is an amazing all-American kid.

Would you like your child’s story to be featured in the next issue of America’s Special Kidz? For consideration, complete the easy steps below and read the “Terms and Conditions” which detail the usage of your statements and photographs.

4 Easy Steps

  1. Please complete the online form and select the legal consent box below. This gives us permission to utilize your child’s name, story, your statements and photographs for the purposes of a printed magazine and our online promotions.
  2. Click the upload button to provide us with your high-resolution JPG of your child, your child in an activity, family members or whatever is relevant to the story.
  3. Provide us with photo captions.
  4. Write your story in 450-800 words in the space provided.

You will be notified by A.S.K. if your story is going to be featured.

It’s that easy…and you will begin inspiring other families!

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