Joanne Howard Credentials

Introducing Joanne Bastante-Howard, your child’s advocate and the publisher of America’s Special Kidz (A.S.K.) Resource Guide

Joanne Bastante-Howard is a resident of New Jersey,  a mother of a child with Down syndrome and a graduate of Rutgers University. She has a genuine love for children and has been raising awareness for children with disabilities for over seven years.

Prior to launching America’s Special Kidz, Ms. Howard had a successful 25-year career in advertising on both the agency and client side. After her son was born with Down syndrome, she desired to put her creative and researching expertise to work to help our most valuable asset, our children.

Over the past seven years, Ms. Howard has worked closely with educators, physicians and therapists to develop creative resources and effective tools to improve education and the quality of life of children with Down syndrome. She developed toys and activities that help children with a wide range of low-muscle tone and cognitive conditions.

She has conducted corporate promotions and fundraisers to help children throughout New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Florida obtain critical medical, education and therapeutic services. She was personally responsible for raising over $100,000 on a part-time basis as a result of her direct marketing, e-marketing, social media and canvassing efforts.

Parents of children with a wide range of disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, and mitochondrial disease, have turned to Joanne to help them raise funds to pay exorbitant out-of-pocket medical expenses and purchase technology to help their children.

Ms. Howard’s mission is to “Create a Bright Future for ALL Kids.” She strives to connect families with the national and local businesses that support the advancement of individuals with disabilities.

Ms. Howard is available for speaking engagements, training workshops for professionals and families, fundraisers, child advocacy and hands-on assistance with a wide range of parent requests. Ms. Howard will do everything possible to help each parent meet his or her child’s critical needs.